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Personal Shopper in San Francisco
  The moment has arrived, you have found that special someone and you are ready to propose.
This is the day your loved one has been waiting for since they watched their first love story,
and it was, Spectacular, Romantic, and Intimate.

Are you ready, or feeling overwhelmed? 

  The knowledge of knowing what your loved one wants, and the proper planning for "The Proposal" 
      on your engagement day, will give your loved one the dream proposal they have been waiting for.     
That special day they will remember, and tell everyone about, detail by detail.  That's why I offer  
to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring in San Francisco, California.

                                                              Spectacular: The Diamond Ring / Fine Jewelry

             The first response from your loved one, (after they answer, YES), is to look at the diamond ring.  The rule of     
         thumb is, two months salary for the price of the diamond ring.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to purchase the    
         diamond ring at wholesale prices. This means your loved one gets twice the diamond, and you stay within 
         your budget.

             Utilizing my San Francisco Personal Shopper services allows my clients to purchase at wholesale prices
         quality conflict-free diamonds, GIA & EGL certified diamonds .40ct and larger, top designers diamond 
         engagement rings and diamond wedding sets, or if you prefer, you can custom design the diamond ring.  
         By using the tools I provide, this allows us to pick out the perfect diamond ring, so your loved one can be   
         completely surprised, or if you prefer, your loved one can be present to pick out the special diamond ring. 
             If you are interested in purchasing Fine Jewelry for your loved one, upgrading diamonds, birthdays,  
         anniversaries, and special occasions, this is also available to you at wholesale prices.  This is accomplished 
         through a very reputable company that has been in business since 1974, and is located in San Francisco, CA.

                                                       Romantic and Intimate: The Proposal / Engagement Day

            For "The Proposal" on your Engagement Day you might have it all planned to perfection, but for some 
        they need a little help. Are you planning a destination engagement, romantic and intimate setting? 
        Are you in need of some creative ideas?  If so, you would benefit from a Proposal Planner like me. 
        I specialize in proposals based in California, and by utilizing the specific tools I provide, this enables you, 
        the client and myself to come to a solution that your loved one will think they planned for themselves.
"Sunset at Pebble Beach, Carmel, California"
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